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Drops Let You Caress People Remotely

Illustration for article titled Drops Let You Caress People Remotely

"Oooooh...hmmmyes, please. Up to the left, to the left, up, up, no, a little down, doooown, theretherethere... A little to the right? Oh yes. Theeeere! Aaaahooooohuuuuh. So good." This is how I wish the Drops worked. But it's still neat.


The Drops concept is very pretty. Like a tactile Facbook, only for your dearest ones.


You can "poke" and "stroke" a person with Drops. Each Drops dock has six slots in which you can place tokens representing people. The tokens are given to you as gifts by the people who love you, and once they are in your dock, you can communicate with their own dock over the network. If you touch their token, the dock will send them a gentle pulse of light. If you stroke them, you will send a different pulse. But what about if you are not placed in their dock? That means that they don't love you and you can't poke them.

Hrm. On second thought, Drops suck. [Yanko Design]

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Zelda did it!

"Omg, my friend is busy and I can't wait 5 minutes until he's not busy anymore! Let's poke him... and again... and again... Aah, my phone rings: Sorry man, now I'm busy, just poke me until I call you"

This seems kinda retarded to me...