Drug Dealer Foiled By 911 Pocket-Dial

Illustration for article titled Drug Dealer Foiled By 911 Pocket-Dial

Daniel Moore, an 18-year-old from Gainesville, was arrested after his cellphone "somehow" dialed 911, leading cops directly to his prescription drug deal.


The call came in at 1:30 am, and all the dispatcher could hear was "several individuals talking about a drug transaction involving prescription narcotics," the Gainesville Times reports. A deputy was dispatched to track down the call, which it turns out was coming from a Waffle House. But whose phone was it?

He started questioning employees — including the suspect, whose phone was still dialed into 911. The dispatcher heard his voice, and the officer was radioed by authorities and told he was talking to the suspect.

After being told the entire conversation regarding the drug transaction had been recorded at 911 Dispatch, the suspect cooperated with the deputy...[H]e was found to be in possession of hydrocodone and alprazolam tablets.

Like you, I'd love to hear that tape. But the recording can't be released as the investigation is ongoing. [GainsevilleTimes.com, photo via Shutterstock]



Gainesville, GA. Finally, a story of a dumbass that didn't come from Florida! Although we have Waffle Houses as well.