If you've been wondering whether you'll be able to receive strong DTV signals on your old TV, the FCC has thoughtfully created a site to help you out.

You enter in your address, and the site gives a list of the digital signals that you should be able to pull in, helpfully color-coded in green (green means good!), yellow (yellow is like a crappier version of green!), orange (orange isn't on streetlights so who knows!), and red (booooooo red!). Since I probably live out in the furthest fringes of civilization of the entire Giz staff, I entered in my own Southeast Pennsylvania address, and was pretty impressed with the results.


The channels in green, the strongest signals, are the only channels I can remember being able to pick up with those old rabbit ears. I didn't even know there was a possibility to get all that other stuff. So it's looking like DTV might be a good idea after all, provided the chart is accurate. [FCC]