Dubai Is Officially the Craziest City in the World Now

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By the powers bestowed in me by the Ministry of Silly Underpants and after carefully examining and considering the numerous photographic and videographic documents covering its many insane and absurd architectural structures, I hereby declare Dubai the craziest city in the world. [Airpano.ruThanks Karl!]


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I live just a stones throw from the towers in that picture. Actually what you have here is Dubai Marina - an area 20-25 minutes outside downtown. The sand coloured towers (called JBR, jumeirah beach residence) at the bottom are not that great actually. The ones in the upper part of the picture are JLT (jumeirah lake towers) and are not very exclusive either - they are considered the cheap part of Dubai Marina. The ones in the middle are fairly nice but the best locations with seaview and great pools with full-day sun are actually located in the bottom left and bottom right corners, outside the picture.

Dubai is great. You should come.