Dubious Image, XML Data Hint at HTC Knight for Sprint

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Over at xda-developers there's rumblings of an HTC Knight headed to Sprint. There's even a generic, somewhat doctored-looking pic, which is always perfect fodder for the ol' rumor mill. Updated.

The xda-developers source claims this slider phone boasts a 3.7 inch screen (same as Nexus One), looks like an evo and has the same USB micro port. Here's the telling bit of XML data that kicked this all off:

3. Make sure to activate your device before you operate the handset by setting up the Google account on the device. 4. To view the contacts on the device, select "Contacts" and push "Menu" button, select "Display group > All contacts > OK". 5. Do not slide screen in/out during the operation.


Crystal clear! Oh, and it runs Android. Duh.

Update: Knight, thy name is Speedy, and you could be launching at CES next year on January 6. At least, that's what some documents over at BGR are saying right now. [xda-developers via Android Police - Thanks, Jaroslav]