Duck and Cover: Now Anyone Can Build a Deadly Slingshot Crossbow

Our good friend Joerg Sprave has been beguiling us with his death-dealing slingshots for a while now, but now he's letting the rest of us in on the mayhem with a How To video. Because that's totally a great idea.


After demonstrating just how devastating the crossbow is on a poor coconut, Joerg jumps into a fairly detailed step-by-step explainer on how to build his new compact deliverer of sling-death. The blueprints can be found on the Slingshot Channel's forums. But before you go on a horrible crime spree with your new unstoppable slingshot, please oh please oh please make at least some alteration so you don't mess up the flow of new slingshot videos for the rest of us. [Slingshot Channel]

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Rodney McKay

I want one that will shoot ice bolts because, well, you know.