Dude with a rifle vs. Tyrannosaurus rex — who wins?

In this action-packed snippet from cult 1977 flick The Last Dinosaur — now out on DVD! — you can see the tension mounting between the scienticians and the Good Old Boy who have joined forces to find dinosaurs in a strangely warm part of the Arctic.


There are several awesome things to note about this clip, which features a dinosaur who looks like it belongs in Land of the Lost.

First, the music. I love the shift back and forth between the Godzilla-style theme and the wum-wum-wummmmmmywummmm noise that makes it sound like everybody is tripping on totally groovy T. rex acid.

Second: Bunta. He's the "African tracker" who never speaks and is the sidekick to the putty-faced white guy named (appropriately) Thrust. So Thrust is the richest man in the world, but he spends all his time hunting big game in Africa with Bunta. And they've come to this Arctic oasis together to hunt dinosaurs (though they've told scientician guy with those Schwarzenegger teeth that it's "for science"). I love how Thrust spends all his time grunting, "Bunta! Bunta!" Later in the film, they will also fight the local savages and Thrust will reveal that the name Bunta means something like "Has a 100 wives and 1000 cattle." I honestly couldn't tell if this movie was trying to satirize itself or not.

Third: The yelling and the name-calling. Scientician boy spends the entire movie yelling and showing us the Schwarzenegger teeth. Thrust yells back that scientician is a DING DONG! I'm telling you, this movie rules.

Also, not pictured in this scene is the giant drill vehicle invented by Thrust Industries that the team used to bore deep into the Earth, only to emerge in this dinosaur town. There is a subplot where the Women's Lib Photographer is proving her worthiness to all the guys, mostly by having sex with them. And of course there is the eternal theme of civilization vs. nature.

Ultimately this movie may have the same plot as upcoming TV series Terra Nova, because Thrust wants to create a new world among the dinosaurs, where there is no annoying civilization. If you want to appreciate the original Terra Nova, you're going to have to rent or stream The Last Dinosaur. Do it for Thrust and Bunta.


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Man, I remember that movie. As I recall, Bunta gets stepped on by the surprisingly sneaky T-Rex. I always get this movie mixed up in my mind with the one where the Nazi submarine surfaces in some sort of lost dinosaur paradise. But I am not going to bother looking to see what that one is.