DuPont's Prints 50-Inch OLED Panel In Under 2 Minutes

Illustration for article titled DuPont's Prints 50-Inch OLED Panel In Under 2 Minutes

DuPont has excelled where no man has before—demonstrating the first OLED panels to be printed, and in under two minutes no less. Using a Dainippon Screen multi-nozzle printer, they successfully created a 50-inch display.


This is something they've been talking about for years now, so it's pleasing to see DuPont has finally managed to achieve their (rather lofty) goals. The OLED panels have a purported lifetime of 15 years, and will help bring the cost right down if they're able to be created in the time it takes to boil the kettle.

DuPont teamed up with Dainippon Screen, whose printers can squeeze out active molecules within the ink, layering them up between 12 to 15 layers—taking just a second to drop 4 - 5m of ink down. Pretty amazing stuff, and great news for anyone who's ever fallen in love with Sony or LG's OLED panels. [Technology-Review via OLED-Display]



Main question now is: How much money did they invest in it, and thus what will be the actual cost of the panels? Because I can imagine the research investment to be pretty significant in this technology.

Anyway you look at it though, this is one very nice advancement in technology :).