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DVD Jon, the man-child who's famed for cracking DVDs for Linux boxes—among other things—has cracked Apple's Fairplay license that they use on iTunes purchases and is offering it up for companies to purchase. Wha? Purchase?

Instead of stripping off DRM from iTunes movies and music, Jon's offering up the mechanism to add DRM onto un-DRMed tracks so companies can get their products to work with Apple devices. Third party studios could make their movies iTV compatible without having to go through Apple licensing, and save a few bucks along the way.

Johansen and Farantzos went down to Cupertino for an audience with King Jobs, but weren't terribly specific about their new company's plans (to be fair, at this point, they didn't quite know what their plans were). Jobs apparently warned that while Apple was not a litigious company, other tech firms might not take kindly to whatever DVD Jon might be up to. Ha!


DVD Jon Fairplays Apple [GigaOM via Digg]

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