Dvorak Uses Mac, Likes it, Recommends it to Friends

John C. Dvorak, the man Mac users love to hate, has used a Mac. His verdict? He actually likes it quite a bit. After using the iMac for a project for some unnamed company, he found that they're very quiet, "slicker" than PCs, and has a feeling of being faster and more solid than Windows. Shock horror!


He also says he's going to recommend the Mac platform to friends and family when they ask for computer advice in order to not have to tech support them when they don't keep their computers clean of viruses and spyware—something we're intimately familiar with ourselves. In the end, he says he won't switch to a Mac (understandable), but says the differences between Macs and PCs are very minor, save for usability. Sounds pretty level headed to me. [PCMag]

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@gundark: I concur. I was totally converted after 2 weeks.