DVR Sales Down The Pooper by 49%: TiVo Hit Hard?

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Yesterday, we wrote about how TiVo is fairing after launching their Series 3 DVR. Since then, we've had some astounding numbers come in that show US DVRs sales are down 49% for January through August, as compared to last year. Since TiVo is number one in this space, they might be taking the brunt of this hit. Seems like a sound jump to reason that most of you are renting your DVRs from your cable or satellite providers.


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By the way, I still <3 TiVo, so it pains me to write this. We always hurt the ones we love!

(Thanks for the data and kisses, NPD group)



InViz77 - as for the cable box reset problem, some cable boxes can be set to power on when they see a channel change. My SA3200 is like that - so it powers on when the S2DT I have connected to it changes the channel.


drewkkake - Actually after the year is up you can call and resub it at the $12.95/month rate and NOT continue to pay the $19.95/rate.

As for TiVo's pricing - a Hyundai and a Mercedes are both cars. They'll both convey you from point A to point B. They have four wheels, an engine, a steering wheel, seats, etc. But few would argue that they're equivalent products. Whether or not it is worth buying the TiVo, or the Mercedes, is a personal choice. It will be worth it to some and not worth it to others. Some people are perfectly happy with a moped, er, I mean a VCR.

I've been a TiVo user for nearly 5 years now, and I've used other DVR products - ReplayTV, cable DVRs, etc - and nothing has come close to TiVo for me. Nothing has even been worth considering as an alternative to TiVo's features and quality.


cscampxp - Actually that's $800 MSRP + $12.95/month. The higher monthly fees are for the S2 bundles which include the box in the price. With the S3 you pay full-freight for the box so you pay service only on the sub. And it is $6.95/month for each additional box on an account. As for the MSRP - there have been a few deals on the S3 already dropping it to $700 or less. The price will continue to come down over time.

It may be a 'no brainer' if it is strictly about the money. But it isn't just about the money for some users. I've used cable DVRs - they couldn't PAY ME to go back to using them, I quite happily purchased a Series3 TiVo even knowing I could've waited and paid less later. I have no regrets at all, and I'm enjoying it quite a bit on my 61" set. For me it is more about the usability, features, and quality. For me the choice between an S3 and the SA8300HD Charter offers locally was a 'no brainer' - I won't allow that piece of crap SA8300HD in my home.

TiVo used to offer lifetime, but it was a money-loser for them and only a minority of new subs opted for lifetime (which I never understood, it was a great deal), so they stopped offering it earlier this year. They still offer 1-, 2-, and 3-year pre-paid plans if you don't like monthly payments. And pre-paying also saves money.