EA Sports Active Brings Western-Style Fitness to Wii Fit Fans

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EA is going after a piece of the Wii Fit pie with a new product dubbed "EA Sports Active." However, EA intends to differentiate it's product from Wii Fit by delivering a more Westernized exercise experience. Instead of a balance board, Sports Active utilizes the nunchuck controller inserted into a leg strap to track lower body movements and a resistance band for upper body strength training. The package also includes a 20 sport software package, calorie counter, virtual personal trainer, customizable workouts and a 30-day weight loss program. As a whole, I feel that EA Sports Active would give users a more well-rounded workout than Wii Fit, but the fact that it is designed to work in tandem with the balance board makes it that much more effective. The EA package will set you back another $60 when it is released next Spring—but even combined with Wii-Fit you are still spending less than most gym memberships—plus it is more convenient and, most likely, more fun. [Gamespot via Kotaku]



This might be worthwhile if you can somehow use your own weights rather than the puny bands. There's just no replacement for good ole fashioned iron.