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Denmark s Bang & Olufsen have a reputation for producing high quality, visually pleasing designs. With the Earset 1 Mobile, the company has designed an earpiece to make all the others jealous. The aluminum and hard rubber headset fits well on most ears, something that can t be said about many other headsets. Not only is the Earset 1 Mobile refreshingly lightweight, but its over-the-ear hook secures the headset in place when you need it most. Perhaps the only flaw in Bang & Olufsen s headset is that it doesn t include Bluetooth. While that might not normally be a big deal, the Earset 1 Mobile does cost $250, and for that kind of money one would expect a little Bluetooth action. Still, if you need to look like a million bucks while on your headset, the Earset 1 Mobile is a pretty nice choice.

Bang & Olufsen Earset 1 Mobile [New Launches]