Eating an Edible Helium Balloon Looks Like the Most Fun You Can Have at a Fancy Restaurant

The chefs at Alinea, very probably the best restaurant in Chicago, have cooked up a super fun dish that'll brighten up any dinner table: an edible helium balloon. Yep, the entire balloon is edible, right down to the string which is "obviously dehydrated apple". The ballon is filled with helium and you can either pop the balloon with your mouth and inhale all the helium whilst eating or pop it with a needle and eat everything sans helium. Don't do that, suck the helium and sing.


Name me something more fun than that. This is at a three Michelin star restaurant! [Eater]



Doing the talk-like-a-chipmunk helium trick can be risky. Some helium sold for balloons has a little air mixed in, but sometimes it's pure helium. Helium is inert of course, but it displaces the air in your lungs; your blood oxygen level can plumet. I nearly passed out at a party once. Turned out the guy who brought the helium tank was a welder and it was the pure stuff.