Electronic Eyezone Massager: Not Creepy At All

I only assume that the Gizmodo crowd isn't exactly a bunch of party animals, but for those of you who buck that trend and have been known to get hammered from time to time, this attractive model may have just the thing to keep your eyes from looking like Nosferatu's the day after a bender. Known as the Electronic Eyezone Massager, this stylish gadget violently gently revitalizes your eyes back to their normal appearance using three separate methods. Like all good inventions (gunpowder, paper making, printing, etc.), it was inspired by the Chinese, specifically their use of acupuncture and magnetic therapy.

The massaging of the eyes stimulates blood vessels, leading to a reduction in the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. Such massaging also helps reduce the strains associated with prolonged staring at a computer monitor. I guess drunks aren't the only ones who will get a use out of this.


The electronic eyezone massager operates using two speeds, normal and liquify, though the latter hasn't been confirmed. Drunky eyes can be a thing of the past for just under $28.

Product Page [Boys Stuff via TechEBlog]

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