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Electronic Wristlet Helps You Nag Your Children From Afar

Illustration for article titled Electronic Wristlet Helps You Nag Your Children From Afar

With all of the dangers lurking out there these days, you probably shouldn't let your toddler out of your sight for any length of time. However, should they escape your clutches this electronic wristlet concept could deliver text and graphic symbol messages to the child via a solar-powered display. My thought on this is that if your child is old enough to read the display then he is probably old enough for one of the many kid-oriented cellphones on the market. Perhaps it would be better utilized as a friendship bracelet for the 21st century—something that combines the benefits of text messaging with the benefits of wearing tacky accessories. [Yanko Design]


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The closest thing to cheating I did was to write papers for college students. I charged $50 (on delivery) and a case of beer (up front, to get me through the actual writing). Before the outrage begins, be aware that I would tell them that they'd better know the material in case the prof got suspicious, and then I'd go over it all with them so that they actually DID learn the material. I especially enjoyed doing papers on subjects of which I had little or no previous knowledge. Win win!

The worst grade I got for anyone was a "B" on a paper on an influential President. The professor did not like that I criticized FDR's handling of the economy (turning a severe recession into the Great Depression), even though I heaped praise on him for his handling of the war. It was all I could do to not march over to Pitt and confront him.