Energy Efficient, Mightier Mouse?

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Apple recently filed a patent for a "hybrid low power computer mouse". What does this mean? Luckily, a certain barely literate Gizmodo weekend writer read through what looked to be the entire patent text so you wouldn't have to.

Essentially, the "Mightier Mouse" will use two different mechanisms to track movement. The first, that we already know and love, is the optical tracking sensor. This will stay intact. The new feature will be the accelerometer, as you've seen in the Wiimote. The patent explains that motion detection is a far more energy efficient tool of tracking than older methods, and when periodically compared (even calibrated?) to the optical information, can function with accuracy.


I'm all for energy efficiency and the continuous innovation of the products we use every day. Plus, I just love the word "accelerometer". We'll see how this plays out.

Patent Info [via slashgear]