Englishman Slows Speeders by Installing... a Bird Feeder

Driving fast is awesome. Getting tickets sucks. But at the end of the day, probably safer. One Englishman agreed. He noticed that speed cameras are a good deterrent for speeders. Only he didn't need a camera. He used a bird feeder that looks like a camera.

It's really quite ingenious. 63-year-old Ian Magee of Williton, Somerset, created a simple bird box with the same size, shape, and bright yellow color as a British traffic camera. He hoped it would stop drivers from breaking the 30mph speed limit outside his home.


And it worked. Even ambulances slowed down. Meanwhile, the birds and bats in the neighborhood have really taken to it. Win for nature and society,

Except authorities are divided on whether or not Magee should take the thing down. Which is silly. Magee's cleverness has probably saved both money and lives. He's doing the community a service. Wouldn't it be wise to just leave well enough alone? [Daily Mail]

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