Illustration for article titled Ennova USB Drive Comes Complete With OLED Screen/Fingerprint Scanner

I'm fairly certain that 99% of the population does not need an OLED screen or fingerprint scanner packed into the Ennova USB thumbdrive, but still, it's nice to stop and ogle at it's super-techie aspects.


The retractable USB drive used the OLED screen to browse files and carry out certain functions. When used as a biometric scanner, the screen will change colors to indicate success or failure. Ennova hasn't mentioned any specific storage capacities for these drives, but they did talk in the presser about people backing up large chunks of data, up to 64 gigabytes. So I'll guess we'll be seeing a few drives bigger than 4 gigs.

Ennova says we should expect to see their hyper-ultra-advanced USB drive sometime in early 2010, under their Ion Technologies brand. [PRweb via OLED Display via Engadget]

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