EPA Dress Wrinkles Up to Show it's a Bad Air Day

Illustration for article titled EPA Dress Wrinkles Up to Show its a Bad Air Day

Currently showing at the 2nd Skin Exhibition at San Francisco's Exploratorium is this piece of smart clothing by designer Stephanie Sandstrom. Inside it hide a bunch of sensors that measure the nearby air quality, along with drivers that can adjust the fabric. The idea is that on bad air days the dress detects the problem, and adjusts itself to look all rumpled and messy, and raising environmental awareness. Does that wrinkling mean it raises the hemline? I'm not sure... but if it did, that might work to take your mind off the damage being done to your health by all those airborne pollutants. [Inhabitat]


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Bad air is no excuse for looking lumpy. How about they make clothes that disappear in bad air. THAT will raise awareness and get everyone on the clean air bandwagon.

Unless of course you guys like naked women.....then maybe its a bad idea. Air or flesh? Tough choice for many.