Epic Lego Hyrule Castle Took Zelda Superfan Two Years to Build

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Lego builder and Zelda superman, Joseph Zawarda spent an insane 2 and a half years building the Hyrule Castle from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The19-year old recently unveiled his massive creation at Virginia’s BrickFair this August. The lego castle is so huge it takes two cars to move it.

A few specs:

  • The roof design was the most difficult, because he had to figure out how to make the blocky lego bricks look curved.
  • Zawarda spent considerable time on the vegetation, because he wanted to make it look “as organic as possible.”
  • Some of the pieces for the towers came from the lego castle sets, as well as some technic pieces.
  • He had to bricklink lots of pieces from Scandinavia.
  • It breaks down into 40 pieces, and is a pretty solid build to transport.
  • The most difficult part was the top roof piece.

Beyond the Brick (my favorite youtube channel) has a fantastic interview with the builder, and some great shots of the build:

To see more of Zawarda’s Zelda-inspired builds visit his Flickr page.

For reals, the detail on this build is absolutely mind-blowing:


I spy Princess Amidala!

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