Epson R-D1 Digital Rangefinderwait what?

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Epson has a fancy camera out that would possibly appeal to the most hardcore photogs out there. This is the RD-1 digital rangefinder camera. Lets take some time for a quick history lesson for the less photoggy people. Rangefinder cameras were used back in the day of 35mm. The viewfinder they would give a split image of the subject until the picture was focused. So then the focusing is done until there is one single image. These cameras were nice because they were quiet, small, corrected for parallax and allowed for extremely precise focusing on images really close.

So lets jump to the modern age of digital cameras. Digital SLR cameras are now the cat's pajamas of photography, they do pretty much everything you could ever imagine at really good quality. All of the old perks of the rangefinder cameras are now kind of dead, especially with the rangefinder camera being digital. This R-D1 is a six megapixel camera that has absolutely no autofocus, has center-weighted metering, and the aperture can be manual or automatic exposure. There are no extra perks of the modern digital camera, it just takes picture. Next point, this thing is around $3,500 dollars. That is near $2,000 more than the moderate level DSLR camera out right now. Maybe I am just too naive and frugal, but will the ube- photogs out there please prove me wrong and tell me why this digital rangefinder might be a good gadget and can do stuff that a DSLR can't.

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