Esquire Is the Latest Mag to Embrace iPad

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Men's magazine and fashion fixture Esquire is the newest glossy on the block to give itself an iPad makeover. As has been the case with other mag-to-tablet conversions, interactivity is being pressed: inline footnotes, movable photos, and added video content.

Feature wise, the iPad October issue doesn't seem to be any radical departure from past iPad mags, but by the looks of it, Esquire has still put real effort into taking advantage of the tablet. The October issue appears easy enough to swipe through, possesses lots of contextual info to tap, and sports a clever design that lets the mag's large format photography take advantage of the big screen. And cover dude Javier Bardem will give you a video greeting when you boot up the issue! Check it out for yourself if you're an Esquire reader—or just interested in seeing where the medium could be heading. [Esquire]