Evangeline Lilly's Robot Friend, A New Futurama Picture, And A Batman Casting Rumor

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Lost's Evangeline Lilly isn't wasting time: she's already joined robot-boxing movie Real Steel. There's a spoilery new Futurama pic. Sawyer looks like he's losing his mojo, in a new Lost clip. Plus Smallville, Chuck, Doctor Who and True Blood!


Batman 3:

Rumor has it Billy Zane is talking to Chris Nolan about a part in either Batman 3 or the new Superman film. Latino Review had said, in their April Fools post a while back, that Zane might be playing Lex Luthor - but now, apparently this has crossed over from April Fools to genuine rumor. Could Zane actually be in line to play Luthor? Or someone else? [Coventry Telegraph via ComicVine]

Real Steel:

Lost's Evangeline Lilly had hinted she was going to take a break from acting after the show ended — but now it turns out she's joining this film, playing a friend of Hugh Jackman's character, who's training a robot boxer. Also, The Hurt Locker's Anthony Mackie will play yet another boxing promoter. [Variety]

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse:

The track listing for the movie's soundtrack has been leaked, in case you want to mine it for clues. [Cinematical]



Here's your first peek at the second episode of the new season — and it still feels good to type that. The episode is called "In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela," and the still is called "The End Is Near," for obvious reasons. [Comedy Central]

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Doctor Who:

Matt Smith interviews Karen Gillan, and they talk about William Hartnell, "Tomb Of The Cybermen," and this year's season finale. [BlogtorWho]
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True Blood:

A new poster warns you to watch out for werewolves, using an AWESOME pun. [People]


Apparently the male regular character who hooks up with Talbot this season is probably Eric, who has a "graphic nude scene" with another man. [EW]


Rumor has it this show's safe and on NBC's fall season, with a standard order for 13 episodes, plus the option to order nine more. [TV By The Numbers]



The season finale will serve up a glimpse a few years into the future of our main characters — and it'll blow your mind! Sort of a flash-forward, except hopefully with more spandex. [EW]


Even more pics from the finale. [SpoilerTV]

Plus a clip, and a Canadian promo. [OSCK]


Remember Ben? He's back next week, and Michael Emerson says what to expect: "They have gone to get explosives and Alpert is determined to blow up the plane because he feels like the man in black must never leave the island. [He's back] next week and Ben has a lot to do in the subsequent episodes." He's also about to form a "dangerous alliance" with "surprising results." Also, expect a mix of "surprise and consternation" after the finale. [NY Post]


If you felt confused by this week's Jacob-centric episode, Mark Pellegrino feels your pain. But he says a lot will become clearer in Tuesday's penultimate episode, and the line between good and evil will be drawn cleanly. Not everything will be explained at the end of the show, but a lot of stuff will get cleared up. [TV Guide]

Sawyer almost looks like he's about to cry in this sneak peek of Tuesday's episode. [Doc Arzt]

Additional reporting by Kelly Faircloth.




I like Luthor I really do, he was fun character in the DCAU and I liked the movie portrayals as well, but can't we get another bad guy for Superman to contend with in the movies?