Wonder Woman 1984

During a recent panel at CCXP, Patty Jenkins revealed the production team aimed to depict Cheetah’s mutated appearance “practically, but eventually “[got] to a place where you end up having to go a little further, and so, it’s got a little help, but a lot of it is very real.” [Screen Rant]


In the meantime, you can watch Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, and Pedro Pascal’s messages to the audience at CCXP, as well as Gal Gadot’s dramatic entrance.


Kristin Wiig’s Cheetah (human form) was also recently spotted on a coffee mug.


Wonder Woman 3

In the same breath she revealed the Amazons are getting their own spinoff movie, Patty Jenkins stated Wonder Woman 3 is “all mapped out...it’s just a matter of will we change our minds and when.”

We actually already know the whole story to [Wonder Woman 3] and then some because there is an Amazon [spin-off] movie, as well, and so we already have it all mapped out. It’s just a matter of will we change our minds and when.



Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

During a recent interview with Yahoo!, actor Richard E. Grant stated he believes a “big character plot twist” nine movies in the making will surprise audiences the most in The Rise of Skywalker.

The big character plot twist that I had no idea would be coming. It made total emotional sense and story sense and I thought that was really smart. And I think that’s an incredible thing to take something that began with the first movie in 1977 and nine movies later reach a conclusion/resolution.


Relatedly, J.J. Abrams stated “it is an absolute mistake to say that you have to be related to a particular person or bloodline to have power with the force” in a Spanish language interview with Premiere Magazine, seemingly hinting that the mystery behind Rey’s parentage won’t end with her being related to any famous Force users.


Crisis on Infinite Earths

Black Lightning finally arrives in the trailer for “Hour Three” of Crisis on Infinite Earths.


Finally, a (mostly text) teaser for Stargirl promises “a new generation of superheroes” coming to DC Universe.


Banner art by Jim Cooke.