Even Star Trek Knows That Time Warner Cable Is So Very Terrible

Anyone who has ever been so unfortunate to have Time Warner Cable as their cable and Internet provider will agree that it is so completely awful. Whether it's Internet outages or slow trickling speed or screwy HD channels or all of the above, I've never known anyone to not hate Time Warner. Hell, even the guys of Star Trek—Patrick Stewart, William Shatner and George Takei—have teamed up against TWC.

It all starts with Patrick Stewart voicing out about his countless problems in starting a new account with Time Warner in New York. A new account! TWC should make this as easy as possible because people are literally giving you money when they start a new account. You can follow the ordeal below. I love Shatner jumping in to voice his complaints about Time Warner LA too, it has to say something about how shitty your service is when two Star Trek Captains are so eager to expose you.


And the whole thing comes full circle as George Takei chips in to round everything up saying, "It doesn't get much better than this. Really, for TWC customers, it doesn't. The only time it's fun to have Time Warner is when you realize other people have Time Warner so you can share your pain with someone else. Ugh, cable sucks. [@GeorgeTakei]

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