Even Without Diamonds and Gold, Rolexes are Still Amazing

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Rolex watches are generally known for their use of opulent materials and straightforward designs that don't exactly scream playful. But this customized Submariner, designed by the Bamford Watch Department, eschews the diamonds and gold and platinum in favor of something a little more sleek and stripped down. Ever think you'd see a Rolex packaged with a NATO band?

And though it may not scream luxury, we all know that the guts inside of a Rolex are what make it as vaulable as what's on the outside. 41 of these rarities were produced, each with their own certificate of authenticity. But aside from the black steel casing and the $17,500 pricetag, the design of the watch face is easy enough to understand, but just weird enough to make it stand out from a typical Rolex release.


If you take out a loan on your first child right this moment, you still might be able to snag one. [Bamford via Freshness via BlessThisStuff]