Evernote has been helping you organize your digital world for a while, and now it has a little more to offer as far as your desk is concerned; it's just added a whole new line of desk organizers to its offerings.

The Pheiffer Collection was designed by furniture maker Eric Pfeiffer in collaboration with Evernote's design head, Jeff Zwerner. The midcentury-inspired collection comes in two versions: bright bases and wooden bases. The first is a series of cups with colorful bottoms, meant to organize everything from pens and pencils to clips and rubber bands. And it even has a slot for your smartphone. Slotted smartphone-holding cups are $20, and a set of stacking cups (three in a set) are $25, or it's $40 for the whole kit and kaboodle.


The Woodbase collection offers up a series of trays with different style organizer—one has a plate for your change and miscellanea from your pocket, another has slots for your tablets to be set, and another is a slotted cup with a wooden base. It's $106 for the whole collection or $25-$45 for individual pieces in the set. Either way, your desk is about to be a whole lot more organized. [Evernote Market via TNW]