Every Grown-Up Child Needs These Disney Vans

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Vans are definitely not the footwear of choice for people seeking a sophisticated, well-heeled look. If you wear Disney-themed Converse, that’s particularly true — but that still won’t stop me buying up every pair of these Disney Vans I can lay my childlike hands on.


Everyone’s favorite skateboarding shoes are being redesigned in collaboration with Disney, creating a range named Young at Heart. This isn’t the first time Vans and Disney have teamed up, but it is the first time you’ve been able to have 101 spotty Dalmations classing up your sneakers.

The range features characters from The Pink Panther, Alice in Wonderland, The Jungle Book, and 101 Dalmatians, all printed on the classic Authentic shoe and the Sk8-Hi ankle-tops. Availability starts on October 9th.


[Disney via Fubiz]

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The Star Wars Vans are pretty nice too. I guess they are technically Disney-themed as well.