Every Minute Gets Its Own Hand on the Opus XIII

Harry Winston prides itself on thinking outside the box, or the watch case, when it comes to designing new timepieces. Particularly with the company's Opus series that seems determined to get rid of traditional watch hands once and for all.


The Opus XIII—or the Opus Thirteen if your roman numerals are a little rusty—uses a series of 59 moving ticks to represent the minutes, and a series of pop-out triangles to indicate the hour. It's another one of those complicated movements that's easier to understand in motion, so we recommend staring in awe at promotional video.

Understandably, with all the moving parts that bring the watch to life, the Opus XIII only has about a 35 hour power reserve. So if you're one of the lucky 130 people to drop a small fortune on one, you'll need to get in the habit of using a watch winder every night to keep it functional. [Harry Winston via Born Rich]

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