Every party needs to have this fun pool that lets you walk on water

Here's a trick you can do for your next house party: fill the pool with non-Newtonian fluid and have people run across it, dance all over it, ride their bikes over it and so forth. Like, come on dude, you're walking on water, how can you not have fun?


We've seen the magic of non-Newtonian fluids in slow motion before but this video by Mach by Hong Leong Bank and We are KIX shows you just how fun non-Newtonian fluid can be in a party-like atmosphere. Just make sure you move quickly or you're going to sink down like this adorable little kid who accidentally tripped and started getting sucked in. Don't worry kid! It happens to the best of us (if you stay too long in one position as evidenced by the video below).

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It works on custard too, which is kind of cool as you could eat it afterwards.