Sony's going to be pushing 3D hard, starting right now. Every PS3 is going to get 3D capabilities through a system update.

Sony's Demoing the 3D on stage right now. You need glasses, but it looks very much in 3D. If you don't wear 3D glasses, it's just a normal screen.But when you do wear glasses, the 3D effect becomes prominent. Stuff close to you might be slightly blurry though, but it's definitely 3D. Bullets and sparks shoot at your face. Raising up the gun to AIM brings up the gun RIGHT IN YOUR FACE.


From where I'm sitting, on a giant 100-inch projection screen, the 3D is kind of dizzying. Immersive, but...I'm going to vomit.

(After taking off the glasses, Sony's Jack Tretton looks like he's in some kind of weird 3D. Residual 3D effect...weird.)

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