Everyone Go Home, the Robot Comedians Are Here

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Well, fuck. Once robots have senses of humor, we officially have nothing to offer this world. This is not how I expected to witness our obsolescence.

Meet Ginger, the project of Marilyn Monrobot's Heather Knight. And while the jokes aren't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, what Ginger lacks in delivery she makes up for in persistence. A human might be discouraged, but Ginger, like any true comedian, will keep going until she's got it right.

And, according to Knight, they've discovered that the key to Ginger's comedy is authenticity:

"When it talks about its 'perception capabilities still being in development' — that gets a laugh almost every single time," explained Knight, who programs all of Ginger's dialogue and movements herself. "People love when it goes all super-techy and acts like a real robot.

"One of the things I've learned from interviewing comedians over the years, is that part of what makes a performance compelling is authenticity. If you're going to be a comedian, you need to bring material from yourself."


"Material from yourself" when the self is a robot. What is its self? And how is it better at drawing material from its life than I am? See for yourself below: