The first day of the NCAA Tournament is mostly in the books, but if you're anything like us, you were totally unprepared for it and maybe didn't get the most out of today. Here's what you need to set things right tomorrow.


Samsung HM7000 Bluetooth Headset

Remember those old movies where guys would sneak off to listen to football games with an earbud and an FM radio? This here's the modern version. Sure, we've got tiny little earbuds, but no one's going to question you diligently working with your headset on, ready for an important business call at any minute, right? $100

NCAA March Madness Live App

Probably the most essential thing for watching all the games is the app that lets you watch all the games. The official app can stream live games to your mobile devices, it works on Android and iOS, and it's well worth the four bucks to upgrade to the live streaming version. If you're that broke, though, you can use the free version and listen in. $4


Air Display

Having access to all the games is great, but it's kind of pointless if your streaming window is buried behind a dozen spreadsheets and your damn email client. If you're streaming on your computer and don't want to fiddle with the app on a separate device, you can use Air Display to set up your iPad as a second screen. $10



If you're not allowed to duck work and head to the bar, you're probably missing out on a lot of lame, overextended trash talk from your drunk friends who are out, and not chained to their GTalk accounts. GroupMe lets all of your friends poop on each other's alma maters or bracket picks no matter where you are. Free


50 Pounds of Dip

Enjoying the tournament is as much about the atmosphere you create as it is about the games themselves. And while you can't stop the firehouse of work emails from coming through, you can soften the tone of your whole damn office with 50 goddamn pounds of dip. $337


Spalding Never Flat Outdoor Ball


Because anyone idiosyncratic enough to set up the rest of this crap is probably going to enjoy watching the games infinitely more with a ball in his or her hands. And I like saying "self-pumping." $34

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