Illustration for article titled Ex-Broadcom Chief Accused of Spiking Tech Execs Drinks, Having More Blow Than Scarface

Henry Nicholas, co-founder of integrated circuits manufacturer Broadcom, has just been charged with spiking the drinks of other technology execs and maintaining a warehouse full of coke, meth and ecstasy. This is the latest incident for Nicholas, who in July 2007, was accused of constructing a sex cave so he could roll hard on ecstasy and properly love his prostitutes. In addition, Nicholas, along with co-founder Henry Samueli and CFO William Ruehle were charged last month on multiple counts of conspiracy, options backdating, falsifying reported income and securities fraud (BORING!). Call me a dreamer, but I'm still waiting for allegations involving a midget to work their way into this equation. Check out Valleywag for the full indictment document.[NYT]


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