Exact 1/3-Scale Replica of a Ferrari 312

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We've heard of exact model building, but this is just unreal. Frenchman Pierre Scerri spent the last 15 years building an exact working replica of a Ferrari 312PB prototype, where everything is built precisely the way it is in the real car, except it's all one-third the size.

We're talking exact, too, with the same 12-cylinder engine, gearbox, radiator, suspension, controls—in fact, if you were a one-third-sized person and sat in this Ferrari, you'd insert a perfectly-engraved key (that's identical to the real one) into the ignition and start the car exactly the way you would in the full-sized car. It even has a one-third scale fuel injection system that's exactly the same as the one of the full-sized Ferrari.

It took the guy 20,000 hours to build this perfect replica. Amazing.

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