Exbel: Make Beautiful Photo Creations in Seconds

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Video for Instagram may be the talk of the photo app world today, but let's not forget the smaller guys doing some incredible work. And Exbel from indie developer Yaser Almajed is one of them.


What does it do?

Lets you combine two different photos, one you've taken and one of Exbel's extensive collections of "masks," which you paint over any part of the photo you'd like in varying intensities. The masks are essentially just various textures and backgrounds that you'll find nearly every day, but combined with your own photo, they can turn into a fantastical unique creation. You can then use a filter over your combined image, meaning you'll never run ou tof various combinations.

Why do we like it?

Exbel brings something a little different to the extensive photo app market, and it gives you a product that looks like nothing you'd ever be able to make on most of the apps we've seen. It really only takes a matter of seconds to produce your finished photo, but the neat cut-out effect is easily mistakable as a pro-job. And just like everything else today, you have the option of sharing your creation to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Exbel, Download this app for: iOS, $1

The Best: Little effort for beautiful product

The Worst: Doesn't let you take your own photos as a "mask"