Exclusive: Steven Universe Creator Rebecca Sugar Talks Creating the Show's Beautiful Ending Song and More

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No matter how wild and space-faring Steven Universe’s day-to-day adventures might get, the series always re-centers its focus on the Crystal Gems and Steven with its gorgeous ending song “Love Like You.” The theme brings us back to earth. It’s solid, it’s simple, and it’s the foundation of the Gems’ beliefs. Check out creator Rebecca Sugar discussing it in this behind-the-scenes clip Cartoon Network gave io9, set to appear on the upcoming DVD release, Steven Universe: The Complete First Season.

“Love Like You” has always been the melody that’s gently brought us in and out of every Steven Universe episode and perfectly encapsulated how many fans feel about the show’s hopeful, but also stayed approach to character development. But “Love Like You” has also stood out because of the way it speaks to the profound loneliness it presents about Steven’s past and his future. To listen to the song played by Aivi (Tran) and & Surasshu (Valema), you get the sense that “Love Like You” was almost an accidentally important part of Steven Universe’s mythos and it’s one we’re better off having.

The song is a fundamental part of being a fan and experiencing Steven Universe in the moment, but there’s something fantastic about hearing the way that its constituent parts come together. Sugar explained the magic-making process of realizing a song as powerful as “Love Like You” and, unsurprisingly, things got deep and fascinating:

Steven Universe: The Complete First Season is set to be released tomorrow,
January 30, consists of four discs, and will include all 52 episodes of the debut season of the show. Special features will include music videos, animatics, song demos, commentaries and more.


Steven Universe is currently airing on Cartoon Network’s streaming service, but they’ve yet to announce when the show will return to the network itself.