Exclusive: Watch as Tom Holland Still Does His Own Amazing Stunts on Spider-Man: Far From Home

Tom Holland leaps into action.
Gif: Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

Spider-Man star Tom Holland isn’t just a solid actor, he’s an accomplished athlete. The professionally trained ballet dancer wowed audiences in Captain America: Civil War—as well as his solo debut in Spider-Man: Homecoming—by performing a significant amount of his own Spidey stunts. You might think that after five blockbuster Marvel and Sony films, he’d have to cool off on the acrobatics. Well, you’d be wrong.


In this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home home release, some of the cast and crew shared details about Holland’s stunt work on the latest film in Sony’s Spider-Man series. Much like his work in previous Sony and Marvel films, Holland’s skills were put to good use here—as noted by co-star Jake Gyllenhaal, who was blown away by the stuff Holland could do.

“No one commits to the physicality like he does,” Gyllenhaal said. “One of the first days we were working together, he decided to enter the scene by jumping on a trampoline, doing a backflip, and landing right in front of me. That was incredible.”

Of course, Holland refused to take all the credit, giving thanks to his stunt coordinator and team for not only creating some cool choreography, but also for helping make sure he “could do as much as possible.” All that’s left is to put Holland and Tom Cruise in some kind of stunt-heavy movie together...maybe Cruise could be the next Spider-Man villain? Oh dear god, scratch that: Those men would probably kill each other. Battle of the stunt-Toms!

Spider-Man: Far From Home arrives on digital September 17, and will be released on Blu-ray October 1.

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As much as I loved FFH, now it just reminds me that we’re not getting a third film from the two studios. I know Sony is going to try making the third one without Feige, but they’ll really need to get their act together if it’s going to be halfway decent (Spider-Verse proved it’s possible, but I’m still not confident it wasn’t a fluke).