Explained! Why Doctor Who Is A Monster, And Why You Won't See A Squid Vs. Whales At The Multiplex

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Making a special Monday appearance, it's time to journey back down to io9's Observation Deck to find out what questions are being asked, what Doctors are being dissed, and read the best two word summation of this season's Lost yet.

I think we can all agree that matthewabel is asking one of the most pressing questions of the moment:

Why hasn't Dreamworks made a "Squids v. Whales" movie, yet? The whole thing is screaming for a movie treatment: [en.allexperts.com]


The real answer is, of course, because Syfy have bought up the rights to the idea for a future Roger Corman-produced Saturday Night Original Movie. Hope you like your whales having laser vision, Matthew.

Meanwhile, leave it to Roklimber to make me wonder about my own existential position on CW programming:

Can someone please explain to me why I still bother to watch Smallville?

While Im_your_Huckleberry suggests some carnal Allison Mack-related reasoning (As much as I love the Mack, I'm not sure that's her finest pictorial moment, somehow), alexkap090909 cuts to the heart of the matter:

Because it's sci-fi and you're easy? I'll watch pretty much any and all sci-fi, short of the truly embarrassing stuff like Lexx and Andromeda. Hell, I'll probably progress to those too once I get desperate enough.


SOFictrekscapist shares the pain:

Ugh, me too, even when there are a million faults I'm still hungry for sci-fi! Heck, I'm not one of those dignified people who can proclaim "I stopped watching Flashforward after the first two episodes". I didn't, I devoured that steaming stream of turds as it was served to me on a conveyor belt, and then begged, BEGGED for more. I disgust myself...


Hey. Friends don't let friends watch FlashForward. Just read my recaps instead from now on. It'll be quicker, if nothing else.

At least bookwench is talking about good television shows:

Doctor Who is a monster.

No, seriously. Think about it. It's all in the math. Lately, he's all "I have to give them a chance" with the monsters. He empathizes with them. Cares about them. And while he's being all "oh, I must save them" - non-monsters are dying by the busload.

But he really doesn't seem to care about those folks, because next time a monster comes along, bam! He's empathizing again, and more non-monsters die in droves while he angsts away the hour.

He's perfectly willing to let arseloads of normal, nice, generic folks die to save one monster. Every time.


Because he sees himself there, in the monsters, in the power of them and the danger. He sees them as his equals moreso than the little victims. Moreso than in the prey.

...ok, well, that's possibly more an analysis of the writer than the character, but still. It applies.


I'm not even attempting a snarky response to that, because it's great. The following thread includes discussion over whether this is something Stephen Moffat will change, to which all I can say is, I hope so. I like my incarnations of the Doctor to be different from the last guy, while still managing to keep the core values there. farfisasynth gets it right:

Tennant was a great Doctor, one of many. The program has survived for almost 50 years, it will survive even if Matt Smith utterly screws the pooch.

To everyone I say: Let's not be glum but relish the new and savor the anticipation for more adventures.


While we're on the subject of commenters talking about good television, 0.'s comment about Lost deserves to be shared with a wider audience:


Exactly. But back to the important questions! geesejuggler, I believe you were next?

Who do you think has the best "man cave" in sci-fi? I was thinking either Superman or Darth Vader.


Ruthless, if yøu let me has the right answer:


Well, yes. The clue is in the question, after all: Who else actually has a cave?!?


Finally for this week, a genuine answer for Spider Sister:

Anyone heading out to SXSW '10? The question itself may seem irrelevent but after perusing the listing for the film festival it seems like there will be a number of science fiction oriented showings. If anyone's going it'd be great if they posted what went down because I doubt too many are headed that way.


As you may have already seen, io9 will be there - Annalee, Charlie Jane and Meredith will be in attendance, and there's even a Time Bender of a party being thrown, as well. Not that I'm jealous or anything (Okay, maybe a little).