FAA Advisory Panel: Wi-Fi Is Safe During Takeoff and Landing

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Last week, an FAA advisory committee recommended that airline passengers should be allowed to use smartphones, tablets and e-readers during takeoffs and landings. Now, it's added Wi-Fi use to that list. Praise be!


The Wall Street Journal reports that the 28-member committee has come to the conclusion that Wi-Fi use is essentially safe on flights. That is, apparently, regardless of the altitude of the airplane, or what applications are running on the devices using the network.


The report issued by the committee suggests that airlines should, however, test existing Wi-Fi solutions. Umm, duh. Cellular connections, for what it's worth, remain completely out of bounds.

The recommendations are due to be officially released by the FAA soon, though it's not clear exactly what the Administration will do with them. With any luck, many of them will take effect, and soon. [WSJ via Verge]

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Thank god. As someone who flies for work 50+ times a year, I can't tell you how glad I am to finally see these changes (which will hopefully be implemented soon?). It'll be nice not to have to read Sky Mall over and over on take offs and landings.