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We may have been entranced by Fabio's golden locks and savage manhood, but the folks at Sci Fi didn't fall for his suavity. In their interview of Geek Squad's newest Ambassador, Fabio coughs up a pretty interesting gem on the way his A/V system is set up.

One room is all Krell equipment — subwoofer, speakers, amplifier, DVD player, surround sound — and I have an HD projector that displays on a 15-foot screen. Of course I watch DVDs, but I also use a Faroudja line quadrupler with my laserdiscs. I have a big collection of laserdisc movies, because I started young. I've been collecting all my life. Laserdiscs have really good quality, but when you project them on a really big screen like the 15-foot one in my home theater room, the quality is not as good, so that's why I bought the line quadrupler.


Not to pick on Fabio or anything—he seems like the only guy you'd be comfortable letting your divorced mother have "relations" with—but we don't think he knows much about A/V other than to call in the Geek Squad guys for support.

An Interview with Fabio, Geek Squad Ambassador [SCI FI Tech]