Facebook Is Making Its Own App Store Called App Center

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Facebook just announced that its making a new app store called App Center that will help Facebook users download apps on any platform—Facebook, the web, iOS, Android, etc. App Center will work over the web and on Facebook iOS and Android apps too.

According to Facebook:

The App Center is designed to grow mobile apps that use Facebook – whether they're on iOS, Android or the mobile web. From the mobile App Center, users can browse apps that are compatible with their device, and if a mobile app requires installation, they will be sent to download the app from the App Store or Google Play.


The new App Center won't be like a traditional app store though, it won't list a normal 'top apps' list instead choosing to personalize app recommendations to a user's tastes. What's more, Facebook says that success in its App Center is tied to the quality of the app which uses user ratings and engagement and other factors to determine. It sounds a lot like an app recommendation service rather than an App Store killer.

Developers can build their app pages now and the rest of us can try and count how few things Facebook isn't trying to be a part of. [Facebook]