Facebook Is Rolling Out Threaded Comments to Pages and Hyper-Popular Profiles

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What was once just an infinitely looping twinkle in a Facebook developer's eye has officially become a reality: comments in reply to comments in reply to posts.

For now, the new threaded comments are only going to be available to Pages and individual public Profiles with 10,000+ followers or more—in other words, probably not you. And even these selected Facebook elite will have to actively opt in, at least until the system defaults in July. So it may be awhile yet before you start seeing the change go site-wide.


There is also, of course, the underlying threat that these threaded comments will eventually find themsleves among the great unwashed, Facebook masses: us. Because while this is fine (or at least non-threatening) news for brands, on a personal level, it could mean encouraging more Facebook feuding (and relentless notifications) in response to your own posts.

But at least for now, those worries with the more illustrious personalities of Facebook. Good luck with that, guys. [TechCrunch]

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heh, gizmodo is the only gawker site I half visit anymore. You've taken io9 (one of the best sites on the net!) and kotaku and turned the layout and comment system into a soupy mess. It's getting easier and easier to go to theverge.com and polygon.com for gadgets and game news.

I haven't found a great replacement for io9 yet. And that's a shame that their site is a fucking mess. They are far away the best writers on gawker.