Facebook Is Testing Six New Reaction Emoji Instead of a Single "Dislike" Button

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It was exciting when Mark Zuckerberg suggested that Facebook was building a “Dislike” button. So many things not to like! However, the social network just started testing a new emoji reactions feature that is probably the real future of disliking stuff on Facebook.

Facebook recently offered TechCrunch a preview of the new “Reactions” button. (Zuck later confirmed the feature

.) The idea is straightforward. For now, you click on the like button and get seven options of empathetic emoji. One is the original thumbs up, and then there are options for love, haha, yay, wow, sad, and angry. (Yay is clearly the best one.)


Don’t freak out quite yet, though. The feature is currently only available in Ireland and Spain, where Facebook will be testing and tweaking the reactions based on how people use them. And if you’re wondering how Facebook will use all this new data about how people are feeling, just know that Facebook and brands will be using that data. TechCrunch reports:

For Page owners and publishers, this data collection will also eventually make its way to Facebook’s analytics dashboard. So, just as today social media managers can monitor shares and likes of certain posts, they will be able to now get more granular data about how people are emotionally responding to content on the social network, which should also help Facebook in its bigger play for selling advertising and simply getting more relevant content to users.


Thank God, more relevant content.


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Images via TechCrunch