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Facebook Wants To Be Craigslist

Illustration for article titled Facebook Wants To Be Craigslist

The latest Facebook feature-to-be isn't a FUN and NOVEL new way to share more CONTENT with your lucky, lucky friends — it's a way to sell them stuff instead! Isn't social networking fun.


The Zuckerbeast announced today that it's introducing a new feature for Facebook Groups, which will help people create a customised listing for an item (rather than just a badly formatted, misspelled post with ***FINAL PRICE*** liberally scattered across the body). The function has price, location and description fields, and most usefully, has a way to designate items as sold.

Facebook is actually a good (and incredibly lazy) way to sell stuff — there's no apps to install, fees to pay, and you're normally selling to someone nearby so there's no postage hassle or Nigerian mail-order scams involved. So from that perspective, it's probably a good thing that Facebook is making the process more formal. On the other hand, it's already annoying and spammy as-is.


Facebook is rolling out the feature group-by-group on a trial basis. If you're the admin of a for-sale page (pity your soul), you can apply here. [TechCrunch]

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Now if only we could teach people to use the "$" symbol properly... I for one am sick and tired of garbled English in classifieds, not to mention the smattering of "50$", "800$ obo", etc. Finish high school much?