Factory Workers Poisoned by Toxic Gas While Building iPhone Screens (Again)

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Australia's ABC News reports that for the second time this year, factory workers allegedly assembling displays for Apple devices have been sickened by exposure to n-hexane, a harmful chemical. "My hands were numb. I could hardly walk," says one worker.

The noxious vapor, used to polish and glue your iPhone's touchscreen, has lasting effects on those who inhale quantities of it: "My legs still hurt. This will accompany me for the rest of my life. It's very painful," commented another employee who was poisoned by n-hexane at a Wintek factory earlier this year. Apple wouldn't confirm any connection to this most recent poisonous factory, but ABC says hospitalized workers "kept some of the logos they were using to prove that they were working on Apple products and showed them." We're not sure whether this sounds worse than Foxconn or not, but shows the lengths Apple has yet to go to ensure safe workplaces for its non-Genius Bar employees. [ABC via 9to5Mac]