Fans start Twitter campaign to save BBC Zombie Drama In The Flesh

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Here at io9, we love In The Flesh - not just for its fresh take on the post-zombie-apocalypse, but for the way it breaks our hearts as well. So it's alarming to see that a third series has yet to be commissioned by the BBC, with fans and stars alike taking to social media to ask why.


It all kicked off late last month when Luke Newberry, who plays protagonist and Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferer Kieren Walker in the show, rallied his fanbase to get the BBC and BBC America's attention, starting the #SaveInTheFlesh hashtag:


Fans and even show writer Dominic Mitchell as joined in, posting fan art and platitudes for the series:


(This one stings a little - oh, The Hour. You are sorely missed, you fabulous TV show, you.)


This wouldn't be the first time BBC 3 has come under fire for axing a critically and publicly loved series before its time - the corporation announced the cancellation of Supernatural drama The Fades shortly after its first series picked up a BAFTA award for best drama. In The Flesh is in a similar situation, having picked up two BAFTAs for Best mini-series and Best Writer earlier this year.

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The whole business with BBC 3 closing as a live TV channel, having its budget cut, then moving to on-line only next year probably isn't helping, even if the 3rd series would have aired before any of that happens. Maybe they're still thinking about whether to move it to BBC 2 & since it was a co-production, whether BBC America want a 3rd series & if so how much they're willing to chip in.