Fantastic Space Memorabilia Collection Auctioned for Nearly $700,000

Few space collectors living or dead hold a candle to Leon Ford, who passed away in 2014. On Thursday, Ford’s lifetime memorabilia collection sold at a Boston auction house for $678,983.

Included among the 93 items sold were a slew of trinkets and oddities flown on famous NASA missions, actual spacecraft parts, and signed astronaut photographs. But in addition to the more run-of-the mill keepsakes you’d expect to find in a space enthusiast’s closet, Ford had managed to acquire some seriously rare treasures. These include a backpack strap Charles Conrad wore on the lunar surface during his Apollo 12 moonwalks ($62,500), a signed personal preference kit belonging to one Buzz Aldrin ($50,000), and Al Worden’s Apollo 15 flown flag patch ($27,500).


If you’d like to learn what other awesome memorabilia comprised the sale that could’ve put a handful of folks through med school, you can check out the entire collection over at RR Auction.

A rare backpack strap from Charles Conrad’s personal life support system


Al Worden’s Apollo 15 flown flag patch


Gene Cernan’s flown checklist


Buzz Aldrin’s Apollo 11 Personal Preference Kit

[RR Auction H/T Mike Graff]

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Images via RR Auction


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