FarmVille Is a Perfect Demonstration Why Flash Is Stupid in Mobiles

Adobe spends considerable money trying to make us believe that Flash is an indispensable part of the Web. But like a friend said on Twitter, this Nexus demo video shows why Flash is not worth it in any mobile device.

He is right. It's not only the battery consumption, but the incessant zooming and scrolling, and the loading times. Why would I like to look at a Flash-based web site on the tiny screen of my Windows Phone 7 or my iPhone? Especially when I avoid them on my desktop computer in the first place.


So here's the question: Beyond YouTube—already available as dedicated apps in all cellphones—and other Flash-based movie playback—which will be soon replaced by HTML5 H.264 embedding—when was the last time you thought "OH, I NEED FLASH TO RUN THIS MUST-SEE SITE!"? Unless you want to play inane Flash-based games like Farmville and enjoy Flash-based ads in your browser, what does Flash really bring to the web today?

Do the test: Open your browser, go through your bookmarks, and make a list of actual content delivered by Flash only, the content you actually consume on a daily basis. If you are like most of the people I know, beyond YouTube and porn, you will come back mostly empty-handed.

We are in the Web 2.0 era, people. Let's move on to more interesting things. [Redmond Pie via Twitter]

Ed Note: This is just Jesus's opinion, and most of us disagree. – JC


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stupid face

Too bad Web 2.0 is pretty much is flash.